Innovating leadgeneration

through online marketing

We are innovating leadgeneration within the financial market through cost-efficient online marketing strategies. We have developed a portfolio of financial brands in the nordics. Wanna know more? Reach out


How we work


Create a detailed business plan and a plan of action with activities.


Develop and execute the strategy.


Track and collect

Implement advanced tracking through all funnels and steps.


Optimize the process and do it again, but smarter.

Our brands


Bankvertise is one of our Swedish broker sites. With over 15.000 application and more than 100.000 millions SEK in paid out loans, this is a powerhouse optmized for mobile.


Beefinans is our first Swedish white label dating back from 2020. With more than 1.000 daily visits, Beefinans has become an established brand in Sweden.


Finansbuddy is a Swedish white label with a lot of AI technology implemented. Automatic retention flows, API checks and many other features makes this a lead machine.

Amyrahoitus is a finnish white label solution that has been around since 2018. It has a well-known brand and it has delivered more than 30.000 applications.

AmyfinansDK is our danish grand-old white label. Established in 2018 it has helped more than 35.000 danish people connect with banks and get their application reviewed.

AmyfinansDK is our newest edition of the Amyfinans brand. Our Amyfinans brand is now established in all of Scandinavia and our swedish brand is ready to take over.

Intelligent solutions for the financial market

By innovating customer journeys we create, develop and optimize media-buying processes and creates high quality leads that converts for our clients.

Intelligent finance solutions


Quality content

It's all about how you market your products. Don’t let anyone tell you different.



Our work delivers good ROI for all parts. We make sure to focus both on the short- and long term.


User-friendly sites

79 % uses their mobile online, we make sure our sites are ready for that.


Quality Leads

Our customers comes ready for a loan. Your only job is to take care of them.


High value

Our customers will not just be declined - they come with good credit scores.


Informed leads

All your new visitors coming from us will be are well advised about term and conditions and hereby GDPR.


Partner with us

We make sure you get the traffic and customer-base you need. We work based on your needs.


Various channels

Our marketing mix allows us to create leads from many different media channels. Therefor we deliver traffic from day one.

Our projects is a leadgeneration machine with a modern layout. The user interface is responsive and alive, so the customer gets everything in bits, rather than all at once. This have a significant increase in the completion percent.

beefinans is short signup form with a full form expanding after the short signup. Beefinans enables the possibility of capturing permission early, which enables our full automated retention system to start when customer exits before completion.

A swedish loan form with a lot of automated technology implemented. Early checks and calls are made to the broker behind regarding the active customer. If the user is known, the user can be redirected before completing the form.

Amyfinans-visual is a danish lending whitelabel where we create high quality finance leads through user friendly funnels. is a finnish lending whitelabel where we create high quality finance leads through user friendly funnels.


A Norwegian SEO project within the finance market. Presenting customers for various opportunities while having the opportunity to sign up for a newsletter. is a finnish lending whitelabel where we create high quality finance leads through user friendly funnels.